What would you do if your beloved pet was injured from a car accident or needed surgery, had cancer or a bleeding disorder? As pets become more and more a part of our family, and with the growth in veterinary specialty services, the demand for transfusion therapy to treat many diseases and injuries has risen dramatically.
If you're considering having your pet become a Blood Donor, please give us a call at (239) 992-8387 . Our knowledgeable team can answer any question your family may have.

When Do Veterinarians Need Blood Products?

Common situations blood or plasma may be used are for patients with:
  • Critical illnesses
  • Clotting problems
  • Internal parasites
  • Heat stroke
  • Traumatic blood loss
  • Internal Bleeding
Our Blood Bank allows veterinarians to treat their patients quickly and safely with blood collected from volunteers. We need your help. Please allow your pet to save the lives of other beloved pets and become a "blood donor hero."

Dog & Cat Donor Eligibility

  • Between 1 & 8 years of age
  • Weight: 45 lbs. or more for Dogs and 10 lbs. or more for Cats
  • Healthy with a gentle temperament
  • Comfortable with handling by non-family members
  • Current with vaccinations
  • Never had a blood transfusion
  • Test negative for blood-borne diseases (free testing by blood bank)
  • Must be on flea, tick and heartworm prevention year round
  • Not currently in a breeding program (female dogs)
  • Agree to mild sedation
  • Meet all scheduled donation appointments

Information Needed From Pet Owners

Our center needs signed consent prior to donation, as well as a completed health history form, including questions on medical history, vaccinations and overall health.
We ask that pets donate approximately every 6-8 weeks (dogs) and 8-12 weeks (cats). Immediately after donation, the body starts to replace the blood that was donated. The donations take place at SWFVS and pick up and drop off times can often be arranged around your schedule.
Cat Checkup — Emergency Animal Services in Bonita Springs, FL

Donation Procedure

Pets should be fasted prior to the procedure as light sedation may be necessary. Blood donation takes approximately 15-20 minutes, but pets will need to be dropped off for a few hours. The procedure will not jeopardize your pet's health, and is not painful.
We lie your pet down on his or her side on comfortable blankets and clip an area of hair over the jugular vein. After preparing the area with a sterile scrub, blood is collected through a needle into a sterile collection set. Afterwards, your pet is given lots of TLC, water, and treats.
Blood samples are sent to IDEXX Labs for a complete blood count, chemistry panel, and blood typing at no extra charge.

A Rewarding Experience- Why Donate?

Owners that participate in the program will receive several perks. Each qualifying donor can receive:
  • A comprehensive physical exam
  • Approximately $300.00 in blood testing, including a comprehensive blood panel and blood typing
  • Testing for blood-borne diseases and heartworm infection
  • Complimentary flea, tick and heartworm prevention
  • Discounted emergency and specialty services at Southwest Florida Veterinary Specialists & 24-Hour Emergency Hospital
For more information, or to schedule an appointment call (239) 992-8387.