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CT Scans combine multiple X-Ray images to allow for detailed visualization of various areas of the body. Our radiologist in Bonita Springs interprets these images so proper treatment can be planned. 

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CT Scans for dogs and cats

What are veterinary CT Scans?

CT (computed tomography) Scans combine X-Ray imaging and computer technology to allow veterinarians to identify and diagnose various diseases and disorders in a cat's or dog's body. 

In the past few decades, CT scans for dogs & cats has become an essential diagnostic imaging tool in veterinary medicine, and at our Bonita Springs animal hospital.

It was historically used to capture images of the brain but CT now evolved to allow us to study all the areas in your pet's body, including the skull, spine, nasal cavity, abdominal organs, musculoskeletal system, thorax and extra-thoracic structures. 

What is the difference between CT Scans and Radiology?

CT Scans provide far more detail than traditional X-Rays and are important tools in surgical planning for liver tumors, pulmonary tumors, cancers and other conditions. They can tell us the precise location of the tumor and help minimize surgery time.

How do CT Scans work for pets?

CT Scans combine multiple X-Ray images to generate cross-sectional views and/or 3D images of your pet's internal organs.

This fast, painless and safe X-Ray procedure allows for detailed visualization of bone, lungs, cartilage and soft tissue structures. 

Your pet will likely need to be sedated or anesthetized to ensure high-quality diagnostic results.

These images can then be interpreted to identify abnormalities and recommend appropriate medical surgery, therapy or other effective treatments.

Pet CT Scans in Bonita Springs

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