Specialty Veterinary Services in Bonita Springs

Our specialty veterinary services at Southwest Florida Veterinary Specialists include cardiology and surgery. We're here to meet your pet's needs with attentive care. 

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Animal Blood Bank Services

Have your pet donate life-saving blood for emergency transfusions for other sick or injured pets. 

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Have cardiovascular (heart and vessels) diseases diagnosed and treated. 

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Get advanced diagnostic imaging and interpretation for accurate, efficient diagnoses. 

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Comprehensive surgical treatment, from elective to fracture repairs in Bonita Springs.

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CT/CAT Scans

CT/CAT scans help our vets identify abnormalities in the body. 

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Hyperthyroid Treatment (I-131)

Radioactive Iodine Therapy for cats diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. 

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  • Animal Blood Bank Services

    With Animal Blood Bank services, our veterinarians at Southwest Florida Veterinary Specialists can treat patients quickly and safely with blood transfusions collected from volunteers.  Contact Us What is Animal Blood Bank? What would you do if your beloved pet was injured in an accident...
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  • Veterinary Cardiology

    Our board-certified veterinary cardiologist at Southwest Florida Veterinary Specialists specializes in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular (heart and vessels) disease in animals.  Book Appointment What is veterinary cardiology? While your family veterinarian can diagnose and treat ma...
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  • Veterinary Radiology

    At Southwest Florida Veterinary Specialists, our board-certified veterinary radiologist provides diagnostic imaging and interpretation to diagnose medical conditions. Book Appointment What are veterinary radiology services? Our ability to incorporate digital radiology into our diagnostic...
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  • Veterinary Surgery

    Our board-certified veterinary surgeon in Bonita Springs animal hospital perform advanced surgery while prioritizing your pet's safety and comfort.  Book Appointment Does my cat or dog need surgery? Our cutting-edge surgical center at Southwest Florida Veterinary Specialists is st...
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  • CT/CAT Scans

    CT/CAT Scans combine multiple X-Ray images to allow for detailed visualization of various areas of the body. Our board-certified radiologist in Bonita Springs interprets these images so proper treatment can be planned.  Contact Us What are veterinary CT/CAT Scans? ...
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  • Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment (I-131)

    Southwest Florida Veterinary Specialists offers I-131 Radioactive Iodine Therapy for cats diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. This therapy has been used extensively in veterinary medicine. Book Appointment What is Hyperthyroidism Treatment? Radioactive Iodine (or radioiodine) I-131 therapy ...
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