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Veterinary Surgery in Bonita Springs

Our board-certified veterinary surgeon in Bonita Springs perform advanced surgery while prioritizing your pet's safety and comfort. 

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Veterinary Surgeon Specialists in Bonita Springs

Does my cat or dog need vet surgery?

It's essential that you consult your primary vet prior to visiting a surgeon. In most cases, your primary vet would suggest if surgery is required for your pet.

Our cutting-edge surgical center at Southwest Florida Veterinary Specialists is staffed by leaders in veterinary surgery in Bonita Springs. 

The comprehensive vet surgery services offered at our facility range from head and neck surgeries to orthopedic surgery. 

We use the most advanced technology available to perform veterinary surgeries, with fully trained support staff on hand. 

Based on your pet's health issues, our surgical specialist will perform an examination and recommend diagnostic tests and procedures. We'll also discuss risks and expected outcomes.

Our Board-Certified Veterinary Surgeon in Bonita Springs

To become a certified specialist, a veterinary surgeon has undergone four years of additional training after veterinary school. This training involves a one-year internship followed by a rigorous three-year residency program that meets American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) guidelines. 

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What are surgical procedures?

Our veterinary surgical specialist routinely performs these surgical procedures:

Vet Surgery Services, Bonita Springs Vet Surgeon

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